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About Selectus

To put it simply we increase occupancy, attain the best possible fee rates and heighten the profile of your care homes with the desired outcome of cost reduction and increased revenue generation. It’s a bold statement but we back up our claim with a process of intelligent thinking coupled with a scientific approach.

We offer a free initial consultation to determine how we can best work together to maximise the financial potential of your care homes.

Why Choose Selectus Care Home Services?

Selectus provide specialist services to the Care Home sector. We deliver revenue generation and cost reduction initiatives through a range of solutions including sales improvement, consumer marketing, training, recruitment and intelligent business analysis.

With an increasing and more discerning ageing population, it is critical to the sustainability of your Care Home business that you know what your customers want, what your customers are prepared to pay and what sets your care home business apart from its competition.

The services that we deliver to drive these commercially based outcomes include researching and mapping your customer experience, mystery shopping, tactical marketing campaigns, fee benchmarking, marketing collateral, public relations, demographic research, smart recruitment processes and training programmes.

Our experienced team will help you determine how best to exploit your opportunities and maximise your position in the market place.

Our unique approach incorporates Review, Report, Recommend and Revise; you can commission one or all of these stages.

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Selectus Care Home Services…the smart way of growing your business